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I love helping people learn about the mechanics of blogging and how to beautify their blog! And to that end I’ve created some affordably priced video e-courses on a variety of topics. Check back often (better yet, subscribe to this blog to get all the thrilling updates) as I will be adding e-courses on a regular basis.

Available Video e-Courses

How to Start a Blog Video e-Courses

How to Start a Blog :: $9.99

In this e-course we cover:

“How do I pick a URL?”
“What blogging platform should I choose?”
“What hosting service should I use?”
“How do I register my domain name?”
“How often should I blog?”
“What about social media?”

and much more…

This eCourse lasts just over an hour and comes with a worksheet.

The Blogger's Guide to WordPress Video e-Courses

The Blogger’s Guide to WordPress

Coming soon!









Perhaps you have questions…

Why purchase an e-course?

When you purchase an e-course, you receive a unique-to-you password and link to the classroom where you can view the videos at your leisure. There is also a worksheet with notes and other helpful resources on the topic that you can print out and use to add your own notes and keep as a reference. Being a video e-course, you can replay the videos as many times as you need…so YOU control your learning experience.

How do I purchase an e-course?

Simple. Just click on the icon of the e-course you want to purchase and you can purchase with your PayPal account or credit/debit card.

Does my link to the classroom expire?

Nope. Never.

What if I have questions after watching the e-course?

Im sure you will have questions. And I am happy to answer anything I can related to the topic. If you need specific help with your blog or project, I am happy to discuss details of working together.

Still have questions? Contact me!

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