My Top Five: Hosting Companies for Bloggers

My Top Five…Fonts

I fully admit and embrace the fact that I am a fontaholic. Its a professional hazard, really. I have to be obsessed with fonts. I’ve got to know what works and what doesn’t, what font pairs well with another, what’s trending and what’s so mid-2014, and so on. My clients expect… Read More→

Wordpress Tip of the Week #1

WordPress Tip of the Week #1: WordPress Updates

I’m starting something new (I feel like I say that a lot!) called “WordPress Tip of the Week”. Each Friday I’ll post a quick tip of the week for WordPress users. They may be related to design, plugin recommendations, admin settings, or tips on everyday use. They’ll be short, sweet… Read More→

September Design Pack

September Design Pack: Welcome, Fall

Hello, friends. I don’t know about you, but where I live, its anything but feeling like Fall. But, that’s nothing unusual in the desert southwest. Our “Fall” makes a slight and surreptitious appearance each year and to be honest, I miss the changing colors, falling leaves and crisp air that this… Read More→


Quotable: Let Me Google That For You

I’m going to let me snarky show a bit with today’s Quotable. But don’t you just sometimes want to say… Me too. Thanks, I feel better now. Feel free to share…


How Healthy Is Your WordPress Site?

If you have a WordPress website or blog, did you know that WordPress comes out with regular updates? Along with core file updates, any WordPress theme or plugin you use will likely have updates on a regular basis as well? And did you know that unless you purchase and set… Read More→


21 things I learned at type-a bootcamp AND disneyland

I know you’ve heard of Disneyland. And if you’re a blogger, I know you’ve heard of Type-A-Parent. Recently, the two joined forces for a one-day social media bootcamp. The theme was growth, SEO and analytics so I was really interested in what the speakers and presenters had to offer. My… Read More→