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  1. Hi!

    I know you’re away this week (good for you!!) so no rush on this. When you’re back and caught up . . .

    Can you take a peek at my blog and give us an estimate for a banner design and a 3 column template with spots for 6 125 jpegs?


  2. Hi there, I am needing to get a BLOG set up (pref Typepad) and ive been referred to you by another website company! I have a design in mind…the designer couldnt do typepad though, so im needing to get something organised. Could you pls contact me for a quote and the process. Thanks so much

  3. I am the new Director of Marketing at Blissfully Domestic and would love to talk to you about some advertising packages we have created!


  4. Hi! I need some help with my blog. I’m not sure what I need exactly so I’d like to ask you a few questions. Please e-mail me and maybe I can call you or vise versa for more information. Please take a look at my blog if you have any suggestions.

  5. Hi -

    I’d like to find out about getting a WordPress blog designed.

    Please contact me at 312-970-9242. That’s my cell, and you can reach me anytime, day or evening.



  6. I need help! I’ve been trying to change my Typepad account to my (old) website. Work with GoDaddy. I’ve been working with another consultant, but she just had a baby and isn’t around! I am desperate. I’ve learned about C-names, and DNS, in trying to get this thing going. Was on Blogger til June when they dropped ALL my images one day. Will explain all when we talk. You can call my office: 845/485-3279 or cell: 845/721-0805 Thanks!

  7. HI very interested in having you design a site for me please call 1-309-212-1943. I emailed you this morning with info as well

    thanx Amy

  8. Hi Nicole,
    I need a blog makeover… the one you see here was created from a TypePad template.

    I don’t like the orange color background and don’t know how to change it.

    As you can see, this site is designed to give “mini” lessons to people in my organization. I guess you could say it’s a training site. It’s not designed or intended for public consumption.

    I want it to be lighter and a bit more readable.

    What would it cost to freshen this one up a bit?

    Dan Henderson


  9. Do you have time for a blog spruce-up? I have looked at hundreds of blog designers and I like your work. I am a pretty simple project (I think).
    Thanks Shannon

  10. Hi, thanks for the nav bar video. However, I have one question, can you please teach me how to put more than one links under a category? Example: Under the tab Categories, I want my readers to be able to see this list; Weddings Engagements Personal and etc. Please please guide

  11. halo Nicole, thank for your guide so far.
    i make it for my blog.thanks!
    however, i need to add twitter, facebook and rss badge button into nav bar, on the left?
    i saw it on this site.its pretty cool.your twitter,subscribe and contact me to do that?please teach me..

  12. Hi there. I read through your post about how to make a button and post it on your blog for people to grab. However, I got lost. I was wondering if you could help me create one and how much you charge. Please let me know. Thank you for your time and blog.

  13. Hi:
    I have a typepad blog I need to rev up. I’ve given up on trying to design myself so I reverted to a simple template ( It’s my quasi-profressional blog. I have a website under construction for a teen health program (, and would like my blog to be separate but related, if that makes sense. Anyway, perhaps we can set up a call for a quote. Thanks! Tara

  14. HI, I have a request to make. I currently have a blog/site and online shop through a different builder (not blogger). I want to switch it all over to WordPress, but feel completely lost in doing it. Everything is already designed and I basically want the same look I have now–just in WordPress. I can probably do all the transferring of content, but I just need the actual page set up the right way and I don’t know how to do it. I also need help setting up my shop. Is this something you could help me with and what might the cost be? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  15. So glad to find you. I am displaying your chabby chic buttons! Perfect! Give me a holler back sometime if you make a FB button for the set. LOVE these! :) Thanks buches.

  16. I’m new to all of this blogging but would like to make my blog prettier and more personal than the standard options. I don’t even know where to start? Can you guide me through this and recommend services?

  17. I am interested in a blog design. I have a blog at, but I am considering a switch over to wordpress.

    I placed a twitter widget on the start up wordpress blog, and would like to know if you are capable of dressing it up (similar to john maxwells twitter widget.)

  18. I purchased one of your logos and wanted to see if you could customize it for me? It is the Make A Wish logo and I need to see if you can change it to say “Ava’s Wish”? I am in a time crunch and wanted to see if there is any possible way of doing this by Sept. 27th? Thanks so much….Traci Lopez

  19. Just in the process of starting a blog. I love how crisp and clean your site looks and your design is amazing. I have been trying to determine how to go about getting started on creating my blog and feel slightly overwhelmed at the number of options (all of which I really know nothing about) that there are. It seems that most blogs I seem to lean toward are those of wordpress, though some reviews seem to say it is difficult if you don’t have the background in coding… I recently found squarespace and am interested in your opinion…any comments have you used it?
    I am also trying to determine all of the graphics that I need to have a functional website I see you are not avl. until Jan so I was considering 99 designs to do a logo but I am not sure if that will really give me everything I need.. it seems with most blogs there are logos, headers, buttons, ads etc…. any way you can point me in the right direction?
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you

  20. Hi,

    I love your designs! I’m interested in talking with you about creating a logo and a blog/website. I look forward to hearing from you.

  21. Hi there,

    I have been enjoying your tutorials about doing a nav menu. Could you tell me if you have instructions on how to do a simply drop-down menu. I’ve been trying to experiment with it myself, but I thought I’d contact you for any direction.

    Thanks for your response!

    • Hi David,

      Unfortunately, Blogger doesnt support dropdown menus yet, at least that I know of. There may be some super coder out there that has a work around…might try Googling it. It would be nice to have that as a feature though…maybe someday soon!

  22. Hi, I absolutely love your shabby chic social media icons. I actually have couple of them featured on my blog. I also have a Tumblr site and was hoping maybe you could create a shabby chic Tumblr icon.I would love to link my tumblr site to my blog with a fabulous icon while keeping with the shabby chic theme. And I just think your icons are fantastic. Thanks for all your creative work.

  23. Your designs are so pretty! I love the feminine touch on functional design. I co-write a blog on our local newspaper’s website and it’s “stripped”. Someday when I blog outside of this structure, I’m most definitely going to buy one of your design templates. Classy!

    Oh, do you also design Twitter pages?


    Lauren Rose

  24. Hi there,

    I’m making my own blog and looking for nice social media icons. I saw the freebies, but I like your icons more (under stay connected at the right side of your site). Is it possible to download these?

    Hope to hear from you soon. I’m not an English native speaker, so hope that my English is correct.


  25. Hi. love your designs! am thinking of getting one of your pre-made themes, watermark.. for typepad…. is it possible to get a button with this design, as well? does this have an extra charge? And once purchased, can it be installed right away?

    HOpe to hear from you soon.

  26. What a GREAT find! I love your blog and all the ideas. I will be spending a lot of time with you trying to figure out how to create/enhance my blog. Unfortuantely I’m at work now but can’t wait to reconnect during my ‘off’ hours =) Happy Thursday!

  27. Hi I found you on Google. I just found Pinterest over the weekend. I requesed an invite but it’s been almost a week now and still nothing. Would you mind sending me an invite? I have a blog that I may want you to redesign.

    Thank you for your help. I love your site!!


  28. Hello,

    I’m Ashley from The Cutest Blog on the Block. How are you? I am in need of a wordpress designer on my Custom Design site.
    Right now, we only have designers with blog design expertise? Would you be willing to convert some of our custom designs to wordpress for a fee, or take some of our custom wordpress design orders?

    Let me know,


    Ashley – TCBOTB

  29. I am attempting to try typepad after disastrous results from blogspot. I want to customize my blog, but do not know how to do it or what to do. So I am looking for a professional who can help me with this.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience…seeing the number of requests on your site tells me you are really good at what you do.

    I want my blog to work for me, I think you are the person for me.

    Thank you, Terri Young

  30. I’m interested in your Photolicious – Premium Theme. I was hoping for a price quote for the theme with customized social media buttons similar to what you have on your own page. I would want all of those with Google+ substituted for YouTube. Thank you!

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