diy graduation announcements

diy graduation announcements: make this design for FREE!

If you have (or are yourself) a high school or college senior, you’re no doubt in the market for graduation announcements. Next year at this time, I’ll be in your shoes with my firstborn who will be graduating from high school. I can’t believe I just typed those words…forgive me… Read More→


how to make shareable pinterest images in picmonkey {a guestpost}

I posted over at Printaholic (a printing review site) about creating shareable Pinterest images using PicMonkey. If you’re curious, pop on over for my tutorial, complete with pictures!

a girl's quick guide to worpdress security

a girl’s quick guide to wordpress security: a backupwordpress tutorial

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet tubes in the last several weeks, you’ve no doubt heard reports of a new wave of malware and viruses targeting WordPress sites. It can be anything from redirecting a url to a spammy site, gathering valuable information, or worst of all, wiping entire sites… Read More→

Get Started with WorPress in Under 30 Mintues: Free Video Tutorial

getting started with wordpress in under 30 minutes: free video tutorial

I hear it all the time. Now a’days everyone in any sort of entrepreneurial or professional role needs a website or blog. But once they have one, they become overwhelmed with where to start. Even with the advent of WordPress, the best user friendly and powerful web platform there ever… Read More→

How to Add Google Web Fonts to Wordpress or Blogger

how to add google web fonts to wordpress or blogger: video tutorial

Have you ever seen fancy fonts on a blog or website and wondered “How’d they do that??”. Well I’m going to show you how to add Google Web Fonts to your WordPress or Blogger blog/site in under 20 minutes! Google Web Fonts give you the ability to add web-safe (meaning,… Read More→

15 Minutes to a Prettier Blog -

15 minutes to a prettier blog: broken link checker wordpress plugin

Broken links just aren’t pretty. They take people to 404 error and all sorts of other goofy pages. And that just doesn’t do anything for your blog’s pretty factor, now does it? If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, its also no fun to go back through hundreds… Read More→


blogging q & a hour on facebook starting october 3!

One of my favorite parts of this job is getting to help new bloggers launch into this craziness called the blogosphere. Not that I’m the best teacher…I always threaten my kids that if they don’t keep their grades up in school, I will homeschool them. Its a given in this… Read More→


4 html tips for the savvy blogger: guest post for

This weekend I guest posted over at Becca’s crazy place. If you can answer “YES” to any of the following, you might go check it out… You are a blogger. You have boys and think you’re the only one who buys Axe body spray in bulk. You’ve always wondered what… Read More→


how to create a blog banner with pixlr

Are you a perpetual DIYer? I totally am. If I can fix the washer, replace my hard drive or stucco my own wall (yes, we’re actually contemplating this…) then I will. I’m a firm believer in DIYing. I realize there are definitely times when the professional needs to be called… Read More→