our summer in pictures (plus a big surf waterpark giveaway)

This summer I took a bit of a bloggy hiatus. If you’re a blogger too you know how time consuming blogging can be.  Between my 3 out-of-school teenagers and my paying gigs, other things needed to be cut. There are only so many hours in the day, no? Our school… Read More→


an update post

Have you missed me? (Crickets.) When I look at my homepage I see three Wednesday Linkies in a row and nothing of any substance. Sorry. That’s lame of me. So what do you say we do a totally random-stream of consciousness-catch all update post? Because that’s basically where I’ve been… Read More→


weekend in pictures

This weekend came and went in a flash. There was a lot going on in these parts… The never-ending hardscaping/landscaping projects took a big leap forward this week. We have everything ready for a front patio to be poured shortly. On Saturday I got to participate in a blogging panel… Read More→


this summer we…

Amazing but true, our summer ended one month ago today. Being on a “modified year round” school system means we get 7 weeks of Summer and that’s that. I know its short when I’m not even ready for school to start (but a nice three week Fall break is right… Read More→


spark & hustle conference: you just never know

    So yesterday I took a little road trip up to Scottsdale with Karen (Desert Chica Ramblings) and Becca (Our Crazy Boys) to attend a one day event for women business owners and entrepreneurs called Spark & Hustle. It is the brainchild of Tory Johnson, Good Morning America contributor and creator… Read More→


i don’t know how she does it {movie review}

Last night I had some work to finish up, so as I’ll often do, I popped in a movie after everyone was in bed and planted myself on the couch. I had my eye on this movie for a while and I was intrigued. What was I Don’t Know How… Read More→