On Hiatus

closed-sign I’ve been doing freelance design work for over 5 years. Its had its ups and downs, slow times and busy times, but overall its been a perfect fit for me and my family. I was able to have a flexible schedule and be available for sporting events, doctor’s appointments, and all the things that come with raising three boys.

But like all things, situations change and so must we. Due to an extended family medical situation, I am making the decision to put my freelance work on indefinite hold. I have a couple of other opportunities that fit better with this new reality and though I will miss working with amazing and inspiring clients on a one-on-one basis, its the right decision for now.

This site will remain active for a bit as there are lots of resources that might be useful to you. And if down the road I reemerge because I just cant stay away, you’ll be the first to know.

10 Christmas Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who is self-employed or an entrepreneur? There are some really fun products out there that can be both fun and functional. This year I’ve put together a few of my favorite finds, geared specifically to the entrepreneurial types among us. There are a variety of gift ideas for every budget.

10 Christmas Gifts for Entrepreneurs

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1. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk – This is an invaluable tool for marketing success with case studies and strategies for anyone looking to increase their social media presence.

2. “But First, Coffee” Mug – For the coffee lover. First things first.

3. ELMA Touchscreen Wool Gloves – Functional AND fashionable. These lined wool gloves let you control your mobile device with touchscreen sensitive threading.

4. Power On Sport-Tek T-Shirt – For the true geek.

5. Wisestamp Email Signature Subscription – Empower your emails with an effective and well displayed signature. A one year subscription is $48.

6. Create and Destroy Charm Bracelet – For the artist… “create and destroy” art on a lovely charm bracelet.

7. Evernote Premium Subscription – Perfect for anyone, but especially for the creative entrepreneur. Keep images, notes, pdfs, references neatly organized. Premium only $5 per month.

8. Ikea Mala Tabletop Paper Holder – Let your ideas and creativity flow with this paper roll and holder. Great for sketching, note taking and general brain dump.

9. The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran – Revolutionary ideas on how to get the most productivity out of your year by breaking it down into manageable and measurable portions.

10. Hashtag Pillow – For the social media minded.

Check out more entrepreneur gift ideas here.


I was compensated with merchandise from Zazzle in exchange for mention in this post. Links above are affiliate links.

WordPress Tip of The Week #10: Improve Page Load Time

Improve Page Load Time

WordPress page loading slowly? Sift through your plugins and remove any that aren’t vital. The more plugins you have, the slower your site will loud.

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November Design Pack: Give Thanks

This month’s design pack welcomes in all things fall, changing leaves, and Thanksgiving!

November Digital Design Pack: Give Thanks

Included in this pack are:

  • Desktop Organizer in various sizes
  • iPad Wallpaper (fits iPad, iPad 2 and iPad Mini)
  • iPhone Wallpaper (fits iPhone 4 and 5)
  • Facebook Cover
  • Folding Thanksgiving Placecards


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WordPress Tip of The Week #9: Pages and Menus


I’m sorry I missed last week’s WordPress Tip of the Week! Life decided to get in the way a bit. But I’m back this week with a new tip about pages and menus.

Unless you have “Auto add pages” selected, new pages aren’t automatically added to your navigation bar. If you want it to be visible there, remember to add it manually under Appearance>Menus.

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6 free girlie iphone 6 wallpapers

Free iPhone 6 Wallpapers

I recently got my iPhone 6. And I thought, “Time for some new iPhone 6 wallpapers!”. Its really just an excuse to let my girlie side show. So just for you, I’m sharing six FREE very decidedly feminine and fun wallpaper designs to fit iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phone (they will likely also work for iPhone 4, 5, 5s and Android phones, but you’ll just have to test those and see for yourself…no promises.) :)

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