WordPress Tip of The Week #10: Improve Page Load Time

Improve Page Load Time

WordPress page loading slowly? Sift through your plugins and remove any that aren’t vital. The more plugins you have, the slower your site will loud.

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November Design Pack: Give Thanks

This month’s design pack welcomes in all things fall, changing leaves, and Thanksgiving!

November Digital Design Pack: Give Thanks

Included in this pack are:

  • Desktop Organizer in various sizes
  • iPad Wallpaper (fits iPad, iPad 2 and iPad Mini)
  • iPhone Wallpaper (fits iPhone 4 and 5)
  • Facebook Cover
  • Folding Thanksgiving Placecards


november-iphone-sample november-ipad-sample november-desktop-sample placecard-sample-1 placecard-sample-2

This month’s extra is a printable placecard that can be printed, cut (in half and then thirds) on a nice card stock and then folded in half to display on your Thanksgiving table. Write guests name on the front and enjoy!

You can purchase the pack here.

Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving very soon!

WordPress Tip of The Week #9: Pages and Menus


I’m sorry I missed last week’s WordPress Tip of the Week! Life decided to get in the way a bit. But I’m back this week with a new tip about pages and menus.

Unless you have “Auto add pages” selected, new pages aren’t automatically added to your navigation bar. If you want it to be visible there, remember to add it manually under Appearance>Menus.

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6 free girlie iphone 6 wallpapers

Free iPhone 6 Wallpapers

I recently got my iPhone 6. And I thought, “Time for some new iPhone 6 wallpapers!”. Its really just an excuse to let my girlie side show. So just for you, I’m sharing six FREE very decidedly feminine and fun wallpaper designs to fit iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phone (they will likely also work for iPhone 4, 5, 5s and Android phones, but you’ll just have to test those and see for yourself…no promises.) :)

iPhone 6/6 Plus Wallpapers

iPhone 6/6 Plus Wallpaper - watercolor


Free iPhone 6/6 Plus Wallpaper - Denim Daisy


Girlie iPhone 6/6 Plus Wallpaper - Rose Wood


iPhone 6/6 Plus Wallpaper - typewriter


iPhone 6/6 Plus Wallpaper- damask


   iPhone 6/6 Plus Wallpaper - kaleidoscope



To download a wallpaper on your iPhone 6/6 Plus

  1. Click the Download button under the design(s) you want to use.
  2. Get the image on your iPhone 6 (by either downloading from your phone or emailing it to yourself, etc.) and go to your home screen and tap the Settings app.
  3. In Settings, tap Wallpapers & Brightness and then press the images under Choose Wallpaper.
  4. Choose the image you desire to use from Apple Wallpaper (Dynamic backgrounds included); Camera Roll; My Panoramas and other photo folders.
  5. Hit Set after selecting the wallpaper or Cancel if you change your mind.
  6. Decide whether you want the image for your home screen, lock screen, or both. Click the option you prefer, or tap Cancel as you like.

Enjoy, you girlie girl you.

WordPress Tip of The Week #8: Unused Themes

WordPress Tip of the Week: Unused Themes

This week I’m changing things up and will be sharing WordPress Tip of The Weeks on Mondays from now on. Makes more sense to share a tip of the week on a Monday rather than a Friday, no?

Remove unused themes in your WordPress dashboard. Keep one default theme (like Twenty Fourteen) as a backup and for testing purposes. Themes take up space on your server and if left un-updated, leave you vulnerable to hackers.

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iPhone 6 Cases from Zazzle

A few weeks ago I shared with you about how I purchased an iPhone 6 case for my non-existent iPhone 6 (at the time). If you’re not familiar with Zazzle, go check out my post…I give a few hints on how to sort through the loads of awesomeness you’ll find there.

I actually pre-ordered my case before the “official” announcement of the iPhone 6. It was a quick turn around from Zazzle and I got my case about two weeks before I got my phone. It was exactly what I anticipated.

zazzle-iphone6-case I ordered the “Tough” case style of a metallic polka dot design from Plush Paper. Cases are made by Case Mate and I like the Tough design because it come with a hard shell plastic exterior and shock absorbing liner to protect your device. The hard shell is impact resistant, and the liner features a lay-flat bezel to protect your screen from directly contacting surfaces.

zazzle-case-iphone-6-bumper touch-case-zazzle-iphone-6 So if your looking for a great case for your new iPhone 6, check out the wide selection of iPhone 6 cases on Zazzle.  You’re sure to fine what you’re looking for.



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