WAHM fashion

spring fashion for the work-at-home mom

I’m sharing some thoughts on fashion this week and today its all about fashion for the work-at-home mom. …What?!?! Yes!! Working from home is a blessing I don’t take for granted. But its so easy to get laxidasical about my wardrobe and when I do, for some reason I just don’t work as well. I’m in a unique stage of life where my kids catch the bus to school, and besides walking the dogs every morning, I don’t really have to leave the house most days. If I really wanted to, I could stay in my jammies all day. Who’s…

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closet organization tips

9 tips for closet organization

I am a blessed girl with a stupid-big closet. Actually, I think I’m supposed to share it with the Mister because on one wall we have the large walk-in closet and on the opposite side is a decent size, but much smaller one. I’ve been informed that in the midwest where some of you folks have “weather”, you’re supposed to share the large closet and use the smaller one for off season stuff. Is that right? Well, if so, let’s not share this tidbit of info with the Mister, m’kay? Here in Arizona, we only have one season and that’s…

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sandisk connect wireless flash drive review

I don’t do a lot of product reviews, mainly because of the time involved in creating a good and helpful review. I’m usually busy with client sites, creating printables and graphics, and just keeping my head above water in general. But every now and then I come across a product that I’m really impressed by and want to share with you. SanDisk is a reputable company that provides quality tech products that I’ve used many times in the past. One of their newest products is the Connect Wireless Flash Drive. Did you catch that? Wireless. That makes me love it…

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content is king but design is queen graphic

quotables: content is king but design is queen

Ready for another “quotable”? Here’s one near and dear to my heart. Yes, content is king…but design is queen (especially in the world of blogging). And I’m not at all biased. Feel free to share via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or download the 5×7 printable PDF (link below). Enjoy! Content is King But Design is Queen Quotable Download the printable version

15 minutes to a prettier blog: cut down the plugins and widgets

Wow, its been foreeevs since the last 15 Mins. to a Prettier Blog post. But today I’m going to let a bit of my geekery show and talk about plugins and widgets. This post mainly refers to WordPress blogs, but if you’re on Blogger, just think sidebar gadgets…they’re basically the same thing. To put it broadly, plugins are small snippets of code that add functionally. Plugins range anywhere from adding share button to the bottom of your posts (Shareaholic), to numbering your comments (Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering), to making your site more Google friendly (Google XML Sitemaps). Plugins are great. They add functionality…

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weeknight family favorite recipe: old world tacos

It’s rare to find a recipe that every. single. person. loves, and that works on a busy weeknight. When I do find one, I love it so hard. Old World Tacos have been a said family favorite for about a decade now. I basically got the idea from one of our favorite restaurants in town and perfected it along the way. I make it every time I have left over pot roast with potatoes and carrots. The trick to good OWTs is more in technique than in ingredients, but I’ll try to outline both! Read on… Old World Tacos Prep…

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quotables: april fools day

I’m starting something new called “Quotables”. You know, an inspiring or fun quote, graphically adorned. It may be weekly, or maybe not so weekly but I’ve got a bunch of quotes I cant wait to share with you. Feel free to share via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. And in most cases there will be an 5×7 printable version too. First up? Its April Fools Day tomorrow, and here’s a great quote from none other than Mark Twain…enjoy! April Fools Day Quotable Download the printable version

diy graduation announcements

diy graduation announcements: make this design for FREE!

If you have (or are yourself) a high school or college senior, you’re no doubt in the market for graduation announcements. Next year at this time, I’ll be in your shoes with my firstborn who will be graduating from high school. I can’t believe I just typed those words…forgive me while I have a moment. Anyhoo, you probably know by now that your choices are endless. You can pay the big bucks and go with an academic service for the school-seal look, or a variety of other online card companies. Well here’s an option…create your own design with this free…

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April Digital Design Pack | Bloom

april digital design pack: bloom

Spring has sprung! Can you feel it? To celebrate April and all things Spring, this month’s design pack is bright and fresh and new. Reminding you to ‘bloom’. Bloom where you’re planted, bloom despite the odds stacked against you…bloom and share the best you have to offer the world. April Digital Design Pack: Bloom This month’s pack has a super fun printable, if I do say so myself. Its a printable “treat box”, perfect for giving little treats on Easter morning, party favors, and little thoughtful gifts. You can purchase the whole pack, a monthly subscription (for a fresh new design…

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