my studio/momcave/home office…a space all my own

I believe the intended purpose of my studio slash momcave slash home office was to be a formal dining room, as it sits right off of the great room/family room.


momcave Well, there’s nothing formal about this family, so it quickly became my space. I had to arm wrestle the Mister for it, but in the end, I won.

So now it is the place I spend most weekdays and wee hours of the morning. It houses my computers, file cabinet (yes, I still have one of those old school things), and my office supplies.

my studio office momcave

my studio office momcave 2

office decor

art person

It also holds my crafty type things like my yarn stash for crocheting and my scrabooking supplies.

It has morphed and changes and developed over the 3 1/2 years I’ve occupied it. It displays some of my favorite treasures and decor.

office decor

office decor

lamp on desk

Truth be told, 90% of the stuff adorning its walls are handmade, thrift store finds, garage sale loot, or keepsakes I’ve had for ages. I’m a tight wad, so its rare for me to spend a lot of money on home decor. And to me…its perfect.

Some of my favorite features?

Jetmax Cubes for office/craft supplies. These can be configured a zillion ways. I have 8 cubes (plus 3 paper shelves)…

jetmax cubes

The clock wall…

wall of clocks

My chair and footstool – I think I paid $75 for the chair (its like a chair and a half) at a model home that was closing. And the stool was a few bucks at a garage sale. The fabric underneath is some hideous 80’s pattern so I recovered it with a piece of remnant toile fabric…

chair in office

OfficeMax’s DiVoga Desk accessories – I got the whole set as part of the Spark & Hustle/Lifetime Moms contest last Summer. I love the white quilted pieces, the folders, all of it…

divoga desk accessories

Vera Bradley Ribbon Board – Another prize in the contest. Loves…

vera bradley ribbon board

Paint Your Life oil painting – Its a few years old now, but it captured a moment in time and it wont soon be taken down…

paint your life oil painting

The Underwood Leader – There’s a story behind it

underwood antique typewriter

What kind of space do you have? How do you fill it up and use it? I’d love to see it…please share!

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  1. I love your clock wall! Are they all on the same exact time? Because that might drive me batty. If they weren’t, you know ;)

    Ok, ok. Let me clean it up a little…


  2. Love this post, Nicole. I’ve been thinking of doing the same with my formal dining room and you’ve provided some great ideas for making my own transition. Thanks!

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