get your bliss on: blissdom 2013 registration giveaway

blissdom 2013 registration giveaway Last year I attended BlissDom ’12. If you dont know what BlissDom is all about, read about it here.

Shortly after, I dutifully filled out my post-conference survey and turned it in. Lo and behold two months later I get an email from Barbara Jones telling me I was one of the 10 survey winners to receive a free registration to BlissDom ’13. Yippee! (Takeaway here? Fill out surveys…you just never know.)

But as it turns out, I’m not going to be able to attend this year after all. Life has other plans and a couple of things have creeped up that would make it pretty difficult for me to attend. Not impossible, but difficult. So Im putting my big girl pants on and making the decision to stay put, as much as I’d love to go.

I’ve checked with the BlissDom gals and they gave me the green light to hold a BlissDom 2013 registration giveaway. Tickets are nearly sold out so this may be your chance to still get a ticket. Enter below…there are several ways. Good luck, bliss chicks. Ready…set…go!

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  1. I won’t be able to go unless something random happens like winning this giveaway. It would be my first chance to “meet” a very good online friend who’s going. It’s neat that you’re passing in the love this way!

  2. I would absolutely LOVE to go to Blissdom!!! It’s right down the street from my house! I’ve never been before, but read tons of blogs about it last year. Thanks for sharing your lucky golden ticket with others!! Stacie

  3. I have never attended – I’ve always admired the inspiration from bloggers and their excitement in their blogs when they return from the conference. What an amazing opportunity!

  4. I have never been able to go to a blogging conference because they are usually too expensive and take place too far away from me, BUT I live in Dallas and would absolutely love to go to Blissdom’13!! I’m currently trying to take my blog to the next level, and I know that attending this conference would be a major help with this step! Thank you!

  5. I need a shot in the arm to feel relevant & part of this community. I want to learn more about what is possible in blog land and how to make it happen in a way that is in my own unique voice. That’d be Bliss! Haven’t been…. Thanks so much for the opportunity….

  6. This would be SO awesome to win! I have been to ONE Blissdom, so this would be my second. I LOVED the first one, but couldn’t get the funds together this year.
    This would be GREAT!

  7. This would be my first Blissdom – and just the motivation to get back to my blog.

  8. This would be my first Blissdom conference and winning this registration would make it much easier to attend financially:)

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