what I made this weekend: afghan quilt

This weekend was a perfect stay-at-home-curled-up-with-a-ball-of-yarn type of weekend. It rained on and off and there weren’t a ton of things on the agenda. So I had some time to enjoy a few cups of tea and one of my favorite pastimes…crocheting.

Really, that title should be “What I Continued Working on This Weekend” because I started this project a few weeks ago. I got the inspiration to start what I’m calling an Afghan Quilt from this post on Crochet in Color and this post on Gingerbread Girl Carole (I love both of these blogs). They are taking part in a One A Day project where you make one square piece a day and over time, complete an entire afghan.

via gingerbreadgirl-carole.blogspot.com


via crochetincolor.blogspot.com

Here’s what I have so far…I figure I only need 11 billion more…


I dont know that I have the patience to stitch them all together until I have a good size gaggle of squares. Plus, I’m anal and will want to arrange them just so. That’s probably breaking the rules a bit (sue me).

Im going for deeper, muted earth tones with some soft pastels thrown in.  Its a great way to use up those left over scraps that are too little to toss and too big to stay wound up in a perfect ball.


My squares are about 5×5 in. and are a simple double crochet stitch. Easy peasy. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

And speaking of scraps, I found an ingenious method of taming those pesky little buggers from Corn Flower Blue Studio on Pinterest (where else?)…

via cornflowerbluestudio.blogspot.com

Isn’t that awesome? You just wind them around clothespins and clip the tail in the end. Here are mine…


Its a practical tip that’s decorative to boot.

So. What did you make this weekend? Do share…

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