the skinny on ipad keyboard cases {a hatch & co. giveaway}

You may remember last Monday that I alluded to having two giveaways for the week. Yeah, well that was before I fell victim to a stomach “incident”. I’ll spare you the details. You’re welcome.

Anyhoo, I’m feeling better and have a great product to share with you today! If you’re an iPad owner (or know someone who is) you’ll want to take a gander.

I’ve had my iPad 2 for a little over a year now. And though I love it, I rarely get time on it. Its mostly used by the other four (all-male) members of the family. Its mainly used for homework, searching Craigslist, email and gaming. On the rare occasions I do get my hands on it, I usually use it to browse Pinterest and Facebook. Its also great to travel with.

I had my reservations purchasing it, to be honest. I viewed it more as a toy than a tool. But it has proven to be a valuable tool for our family, particularly for my kiddos. With three boys needing to access classroom blogs and write assignments/papers, there is often bottlenecking on our main computer.

So I began to keep my eye out for a good keyboard accessory to help with longer documents and assignments. But I also wanted a protective case. Was there such an animal?

Yes there was.

Meet the 2-Skinny by Hatch & Co.

hatch 2-skinny ipad case

hatch 2-skinny ipad case full view The 2-Skinny is a slim and light iPad keyboard case, with a backlight, making typing in the dark possible. The keyboard itself is only 7mm at the thickest point. It connects to the iPad via Bluetooth. The keyboard can be set to provide sound feedback and a hidden magnet puts the iPad to sleep when the case is closed, thereby conserving power.

What I like about the 2-Skinny, though, is the fact that it doubles as a sturdy case… a pretty important feature with three teenagers in the house. The case closes up securely and provides plenty of protection for the iPad’s screen and outer shell.

hatch 2-skinny ipad keyboard case closed

My overall impression of the 2-Skinny is very positive. There is a bit of a learning curve getting comfortable with the keyboard,  just like with any smart divice. The 2-Skinny is constructed well and made of quality materials.

Hatch & Co. has other fun products as well, like the Firefly portable keyboard and the Kangaroo iPhone case. You can only purchase Hatch & Co. products via Amazon, but you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a techie on your Christmas list? The 2-Skinny would make a perfect gift! Enter below for your chance to win.

hatch & co 2-skinny iPad Keyboard Case giveaway

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  1. I’m in desperate need of one of these. Last year I bought (what I thought was a great deal on an ihome bluetooth keyboard) only to have the thing break after the 2nd time using it, while still under warranty their customer service stunk so bad — I decided to just write all of their products off completely. This would be a life saver for blogging without lugging my laptop. I’m just not that savvy of as touch screen kind of gal.

  2. Having a baby due in over a month and a lab puppy in the house, I could totally use a case for my ipad that would protect it and with blogging the keyboard would come in handy instead of the onscreen keyboard which slows me down a bit.

  3. The iPad Keyboard Case will be a great help for a friend who recently received an iPad for her birthday. She enjoys writing scripts and uses her iPad for multimedia work, so this keyboard will be a wonderful tool for her. And it will help me cross one more Christmas gift off my list. :) Thank you for the great giveaway. Happy holidays!

  4. Although I am getting an iPad for myself I think I would give this skinny keyboard case to my daughter-in-law for Christmas. thanks

  5. This keyboard case presents a solid replacement for our laptop at home that is on its last leg. As much as we love our iPad now, the on-screen keyboard just doesn’t do the trick in meetings or for writing blog entries. I can’t wait to hopefully bring this home!

  6. I work in a very small private special needs school. Our goal was to get each classroom an ipad of their own. It would be nice to use this keyboard to see if that would also be something our school could help our kids with communication.

  7. I have a keyboard case for my iPad right now, but the shift key is broken and it isn’t backlit at all. I really want a keyboard with a working shift key and the backlight is just a big bonus!

  8. I would love to win for my self and my daughter have special need and it would help to make our life much better and I’ve never won any thing be fore and it would be a great birthday gift as my birthday soon I really do hope I win

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