moo cards: its all in the packaging

I have a weakness for business cards.

Menus too. I love a good menu. It makes Husband crazy because while I should be picking my sides or salad dressing, Im trying to place the font in my brain or critique the layout of the design. But that’s a totally different post.

Back to business cards.

I just ordered new ones. As part of a super fun contest I won, I got to update and print these cards from Moo. I got regular size and teeny.

Beyond the beautiful printing and card stock and rounded corners, I have to say Moo has it goin’ on in the packaging department.

Its the little things that set you apart, isnt it? Business card printing is a dime a dozen these days and they’re all pretty good and comparable in quality. But to add that special little touch of nice packaging, fun stickers and email notifications…even the outer shipping box was amazing…super smart.

Need some business cards? Im passing on my promo codes to you. I cant guarantee they will work after being used once each, so first come first serve. Enjoy!

Use 2RB2CK or G2MSCG at checkout for 15% off your first order. did not compensate me for this post. The credit mentioned was part of the contest winnings. There is an affiliate link in this post. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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