gettin’ fit update: weeks 11 & 12 – never give up

I can’t believe its been three months since starting this journey. My, how time flies. Truth be told, I had wished for more progress by this point, but there has definitely been progress made, so for that I’m thankful.

It just proves to me, yet again, that its not about being perfect or doing some new amazing workout or about genetics or about luck or about having enough will power or motivation or enthusiasm. Its purely and simply about not giving up. Showing up every day, despite setbacks and slow progress, and just doing what you know you’re supposed to do. Period.

So in the spirit of that sentiment, I made a little graphic for myself that I’m happy to share. It sums up the last three months for me just about perfectly.

(Feel free to pin it, if you’d like.)


So on to the deets of the last two weeks. I finished C25K!!! I’m now focusing on getting my times lower and Husband (aka Total Cross Country Record Holder Phenom In His Younger Days) is giving me tips on interval training to shave off some time. I’m planning on doing a 5k later this month!


I did pretty well this past two weeks watching my calorie intake. Im still using and I’ve (mostly) stayed within my allotted daily calories. Yet, this weekend we went to another out of town wedding and lets just say I didnt deny myself of a mojito at Oregano’s and the catered bbq dinner at the wedding (and a few Starbuck’s runs).

What I Learned This Week:

One of my best tricks to getting and staying fit is cutting my meals in half, especially when eating out. I am not always great at ordering from the “lite” menu. I’d rather have half the real thing than all of the diet thing. Its a habit you have to work on, but its well worth the discipline and effort. I’ve been working really hard at this one over the past three months.

Even at my favorite, In N Out burger, I’ll ask them to cut my burger in half, I’ll eat half the basket of fries, and fill my medium cup 1/2 full of ice and not get a refill. All in all, its about a 600 calorie meal as opposed to a 1,200 calorie one. I’d rather walk out with a doggy bag and maybe end up throwing the left overs away (though I’ve found a way to reheat an In N Out burger that works!), than to treat my body as a garbage disposal and eat after I’m full.

Pounds Lost This Week:

.5 lbs

Inches Lost This Week:

Waist: ?

Hips: ?

(forgot to check…will report next week!)

Thanks for keeping me accountable, folks. Are you on a fitness journey? Please share!


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