blogging q & a hour on facebook starting october 3!

One of my favorite parts of this job is getting to help new bloggers launch into this craziness called the blogosphere. Not that I’m the best teacher…I always threaten my kids that if they don’t keep their grades up in school, I will homeschool them. Its a given in this household. That would indelibly ruin them for certain.

However, I do enjoy talking about something that Im passionate about and sharing what knowledge I may have with bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ladies (90% of my clientele) who are eager and willing to learn. I began to see common questions from bloggers, but no real hands on way to answer them.

That’s the backstory of how the idea of hosting a weekly Q & A hour on Facebook sort of came about. I may want to punch that idea in the face in a few weeks, but we’ll see.

So here’s the dealio. Every Wednesday, starting October 3 from 12:00-1:00 p.m. MST (that’s 11-12 PST, 1-2 CST, 2-3 EST…if I know my time zones) on my Facebook page,, I am at your blogging mercy. Ask away. If I dont know the answer off the top of my head, I’ll look it up and get back to you. Or, I may have posted about it already and I’ll send you a link.

Questions might be like…

  • Is there a free photo editing program?
  • How do I put a watermark on my photos?
  • Help! I cant link text in my post!
  • Which blogging platform should I start out on?
  • What is Feedburner?

Oh the list…it could go on and on.

It may get a little crazy following the thread (or there may just be crickets…who knows?) but we’ll see how it goes. The first few weeks are going to be a test bed and changes are sure to ensue. Thanks in advance for your flexibility.

Put it on your calendar, get your questions ready and see you on October 3!

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