what i made this weekend

This post is a week late, but not surprising. I had a lot of catching up to do after Salmonella Watch 2012 (yes, it was confirmed my oldest son contracted Salmonella from a local pizza restaurant that shall be bombed remain nameless). So that week was a blur but thank the gods he is over it (sans antibiotics…that’s another story).

Needless to say, last weekend I badly needed some therapeutic do-nothing time…to sit and not think and just do something relaxing and mindless. I was able to finish two projects I had neglected for months…

First, I finished a multi-colored blanket for my brand new niece (who was born a week early!). I used 6 different colors and blends and used a really light airy pattern. She lives in San Diego, so it didn’t have to be super thick or bulky. I trimmed the outside edge with white.

Then, I finished a project I started and put aside for a long time. I came close to ripping it all out about 47 times, but a friend visiting for the weekend encouraged me to look at it a different way. Originally it was going to be a huge (I mean, huge) rectangle basket-type-thing. I used a heavy wool yarn, doubled. It was killing my hand to even do a simple stitch, but I wanted to make it as stiff and sturdy as possible.

Still, the side I was working on would have been collapsing all over the place. So I decided to make it a much smaller (its still about 9in. in diameter) circular basket instead. I made a round base and whip stitched it together, then folded down the top edge. I love the way it turned out! (Thanks, Carole, for talking me down.)

So what did you make this weekend?

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