this summer we…

Amazing but true, our summer ended one month ago today. Being on a “modified year round” school system means we get 7 weeks of Summer and that’s that. I know its short when I’m not even ready for school to start (but a nice three week Fall break is right around the corner).

So I thought I’d recap our Summer in pictures. We packed in a lot in 7 weeks…

We read (almost) every day.

We went to Monterey and visited the always amazing Monterey Bay Aquarium.

We went to the beach…several times.

We helped best college friends move.

We planted trees. 

We had visitors (this guy is a gila monster).

We walked amidst breathtaking stormy sunsets.

We went to Big Surf Water Park and took our cousin.

We got our braces off (and did not cooperate during the photo shoot).

We went to the city pool.

We went to football practice/conditioning 739 times. And got rained on.

We played oodles of Monopoly.

And lastly, we (Hubs and I) made a quick weekend trip to San Diego to see family and attend a wedding. So. Much. Fun.

Not pictured here: We practiced our typing (almost) every day, went to church camp, had several sleepovers, got the breaks fixed, and spent $200 on back to school shopping (not too bad for three boys, huh?)…among other things.

What did you do this Summer? Is it over for you too?


  1. In France, It’s not over yet!!!! Children came back to school September 3rd or 4th, I don’t know exactly, I’s been a long time that I don’t go anymore….. lol

    Good luck for your 3 boys!!!^^



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