limited edition themes and a sale!

Update: My premade themes are no longer available, but I’d love to chat about customizing a design for you. Just holler if you’re interested!

Have you seen the new shop?

No? Go there now…I’ll wait.

Its now easier than ever to browse, preview and purchase themes thanks to one of my favorite WordPress plugins, GetShopped (and my girl Karen for helping me test the kinks away…). Themes are in order by platform then name. There are a few other changes to note…

  • Limited Editions - My themes are semi-customizable. Meaning, you get all the ease and affordability of a pre-made theme with the freedom to customize to fit your personal style. How? I provide you with the main graphics and you leverage the power of Google WebFonts. However, in case you are worried about running into the same design somewhere on the blogsphere (nevermind that there are approx. 164 million blogs out there) I’ve made some themes limited editions. There are only 50 downloads available (for WordPress and Blogger, combined) for the Photolicious, Tagged and Flourish themes. So get while the gettin’s good!
  • New Designers - I’ve got some great things in the works for the shop. I’m expanding to include designs from other graphic designers to give you more options and styles to choose from. Exciting huh? Incidentally, if you are a designer and are interested in creating some designs for my shop, contact me.

Now onto the sale! You may have noticed that I raised my prices slightly. BUT! To ease your shock I’m offering a summer sale for one week only (expires August 13). Use coupon code SUMMERSALE on any theme and receive $15 off at checkout! You’re welcome.

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