ready for takeoff: pack smart (and healthy) with ebags

Since my recent health kick began, I’ve been much more conscious of what I eat on the run. When I’m home, I can control what ingredients go into my meals, but when I’m out and about or traveling, its harder to find healthy, affordable and tasty options. The three rarely go together.

It makes me wonder how people who are required to travel for work do it. I know if I eat out twice in one day, I feel…just…bluugghh. Every now and then is fine, but not as a rule.

The Ebags brand has a solution for such weary travelers. Their full line of travel bags and accessories are designed for airline employees who are away for days at a time and need to pack meals smart. With the Crew Cooler II, even if you’re not a crew member, you can at least pack smart…and healthy…like a seasoned road warrior. 

The top “dry” compartment has two zipper pulls for easy access and is perfect for things that don’t need to be kept cold. Zippered mesh pocket in the lid keeps napkins and other small items in place.

The main, “cold” compartment is insulated on all six sides and has a replaceable PEVA liner. Unzip the pouch pockets on either end to reveal mesh drop-bottom water bottle carriers. And best of all, the back side has a sleeve that fits over any rolling suitcase making it accessible and easy to transport through busy airports.

The Crew Cooler II is well constructed and sturdy. And I love all the colors they offer (not just your boring black…). The use of space is very smart, but it would be nice if it were just a tag bigger. When I’m not traveling, I’ll most likely stow it in the trunk of my car to transport cold items from the store to home. Its perfect for sporting events, picnics and a day at the park.

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