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UPDATE: The winner of this giveaway is #68, Susan! Congratulations Susan.

I can type pretty fast.

According to 10fastfingers.com, I have a typing speed of 67 words per minute. When I was in design school 8 billion years ago, we had to do typing skills before every class. How fast can you type?

As fast as I can type, though, I can still talk faster. I’m pretty sure everyone can. I wonder if there is a test for spoken words per minute because I know some people who could blow me out of the water in that regard. Still, I would prefer to speak my long posts and e-mails over typing them, given the option. So when I saw a commercial for Dragon Dictate on TV, I was intrigued. I knew something like that had to exist, and this was it.

I received the Dragon Dictate Version 2.0 for Mac a couple of weeks ago to review. After installing and setting up my profile, which only took about 10 to 15 minutes, I started dictating my heart out like a doctor on steroids. After learning my accent (do I have an accent?) and speaking rhythm, etc., Dragon seemed to be able to read my mind.

Dragon comes with a dictation headset which I find more accurate than the mic on my laptop. It fits very comfortably over one ear and has an adjustable mouthpiece that you don’t even notice is there after a few minutes.

I will say that there was a bit of a learning curve on my end; there are commands and certain innuendos you need to get comfortable with in order to dictate effectively on any platform or software. Dictation and casual conversation are two different things. As good a job as Dragon does in interpreting and understanding the spoken word, it isn’t a human being. People tend to fill in blanks and understand inflection to mean the end of a sentence, but this has to be spelled out a little better when dictating to a computer.

But all in all, I love this program. I can see it being a huge timesaver. In fact, I dictated this entire post and then edited afterwards. I really like using it for writing e-mails. Sometimes it is easier for me to formulate my thoughts when I’m speaking than when I’m typing.

My soon-to-be-16-year-old is excited to see what magic he can create with Dragon for his term papers and essays next year. He is always a little intimidated by the keyboard and as important as good typing skills are, this may be a good tool for him to help get his thoughts on paper.

Dragon Dictate retails for $199 (Mac) and $99 (Home Edition, PC).

You also might be interested to know that there is a free Dragon dictate app for the iPhone. And I loooves it. When I’m sitting in the car during football practice or playing taxi for some other reason, I can reply to e-mails quickly and easily with the app. Or, I can dictate something and save it for later with the copy function. It’s super duper handy. There are several apps available here for iOS and Android.

WIN IT! Want to try it for yourself? I think it’s a great tool for any blogger or writer…anyone who does a lot of typing on a daily basis. Nuance, the maker of Dragon Dictate, is offering one lucky reader their choice of Dictate Version 2.0 for the Mac or PC!

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Giveaway ends July 14 at 11:59 pm PST.


I received the Dragon Dictate Version 2 for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.


  1. I love the idea of this software. It would be nice to free up some more time in my schedule. I would use it for email correspondence, and for my personal blog posts. I wonder how it does with background noise, though, as my children are pretty noisy. :)
    Oh, and P.S. I think there is a typo with the date. Do you mean July 14th? I’ll be entering for my chance to win. Thanks for the opportunity.
    P.P.S. I already like you on Facebook (as Blogger Boutique).

  2. I found you in the AZ bloggers group — nice to know there’s another Jesus loving AZ blogger out there. :)

    I would have to test it and see what I thought. I see potential for blogging and responding to emails. I type a lot, but I’m fairly fast. I just did the test you linked to . . . 103 wpm zero errors, then 105 with one error. That video game (can you even call it that?) “Touch Typing Tutor” I played as a kid payed off! :) I’m not sure how fast the software can “type,” but I like the idea that it can slow my carpal tunnel and I can sit back and relax sometimes. :)

    Totally unrelated, but , , , I homeschool and just decided to have my kids do this test once a day. I figure it might be fun for them to try to improve their time and it will only take two minutes of their time each day. Thanks for the great idea! :)

  3. Hello, I love your pre-made designs and am thinking of purchasing one. I have about 8 tabs across the top. Is there a way to incorporate more pages? Thanks

  4. I would like to re-vamp my skills. I’ve been out of a job and it makes me nervous going back into the job world. This would give me confidence!

  5. I would use it for blogging. It would also be great for newsletters for my home based business. With a young one around my hands are not always free, so this would be awesome!!!

  6. I am currently in the process of building my home office for my freelance work and this would help me organize and do things a lot quicker.

  7. I would love this for my poor slow typing husband! lol The doctors I used to work for used this and its super cool! brogers1026/at/hotmail.com

  8. Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. I would use the Dragon voice dictation for letters and e-mails.

  9. I would use Dragon for emails. I’d also like to learn this app to help support my nephew, who already uses Dragon for his school work.

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