how to create a blog banner with pixlr

Are you a perpetual DIYer? I totally am. If I can fix the washer, replace my hard drive or stucco my own wall (yes, we’re actually contemplating this…) then I will. I’m a firm believer in DIYing. I realize there are definitely times when the professional needs to be called (i.e. anything electrical, my car’s break system or cleaning my carpets once every year or so). There are just times when you don’t have the time, talent or tools to do the job right.

I started to think about my premade blog theme collection (update: My premade themes are no longer available, but I’d love to chat about customizing a design for you. Just holler if you’re interested!) and as well as its going (more themes are released every month!), I started to look at them from the perspective of a new blogger or someone who has had little or no experience with graphic editors. It can be overwhelming, Im sure. But I really think with a little bit of time (my themes are made to be “out of the box” and up and running within about an hour or so…), talent (or in this case very detailed instructions…and now a video!) and tools (enter, it doesnt have to be quiet so overwhelming.

Even if you dont want or need one of my premade themes, feel free to take a look at this tutorial. I demonstrate how to design a blog banner from scratch with as well as offer some helpful resources. Here’s the sample banner I create to demonstrate the process…

This particular image consists of four elements…the background pattern, the frame, the bird and the text. I’ll demonstrate how to add and modify different elements so you can come up with a great design for your blog.

Take a look…

In the video I mention a few websites you might want to check out. Here they are in case you missed them…

Enjoy…and happy blog design DIYing!


    • Hello Kacey! Im glad you liked it! Im a bit envious of anyone who can do such amazing makeovers on furniture pieces…beautiful! I’ll be back for sure… ;)

  1. I have made about a dozen or so Logos for my site using pixlr. It is free and a great tool for making all kinds of professional looking designs and logos. The video was very informative as well, thanks for sharing.

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