pinterest: how it works {and why you’ll love it}

I first learned about Pinterest from Dessert Darling and Autumn Reeser when they asked me to design a little button for their sites.

Pinterest? I asked with perked ears.

And now, its my new favoritest thing on the web.

In a nutshell, it a virtual pin board where you can collect and share things that you love. Simple as that.

Its very visual in nature and a great way to organize ideas, inspiration…you name it. The sky’s the limit. You can have boards for recipes, boards for home decor…anything.  Its also a great way to find such things. Because it is so visually based, when I need a little creative spark, I just start perusing some of the boards I follow and Im instantly inspired.

Here’s one of my boards I call “Design Inspiration”…

And who could go through life without a “Cupcakes” board?

So here’s a breakdown on using Pinterest…

1. Request an invitation here. Or if you know someone already on Pinterest, ask them to send you an invitation (you can ask me, too!). That way, you can get started immediately. But if you dont know anyone it only takes a day or two to get your invitation through the Pinterest team.

2. Sign up. You can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account or create a new login/password.

3. Find some friends to follow. There are several ways to find friends who are already “pinning”. Just run the friend finder processes and it will search your Twitter, Facebook, and email accounts.

4. Create your boards. Create however may categories or “boards” to organize the pins that you want to add. They start you off with the standard set but you can add, change, delete, etc.

5. Start pinning! There are three ways to start pinning, basically. First, follow some people you already know and check out their boards. You can repin their pins onto any of your boards. Secondly, you can go to “Staff Favorites” under your Boards menu and search there. Also, try browsing the “Everything” category on the main page. You’re bound to get lost in pinning awesomeness.

6. Keep the pins coming. Once you are comfy with your boards and pinning, you can start adding new pins. The next time you come across a recipe or tutorial with great images, use the Pin It bookmarklet (that you will be able to add at sign in) on your browser to create the pin. Keep in mind it will only allow you to pin a page with a decent size image, to keep with the whole nature of the site. You can always upload your own image of things you find offline. There’s also a very handy iPhone app.

I will likely start doing a regular weekly update on my favorite Pinterest finds. Stay tuned.

Are you on Pinterest? Speak up! And if you want to follow my boards, I’m here.

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  1. Hi!! I have been thinking about Pinterest nonstop since you mentioned it- I would love, love, love and invite if you have anymore left?? Thanks and thanks for the great blog/ideas!

      • Hi EllieMae and Roses,

        Well, there’s really no quick and easy way that I know of. What I do is take a screen shot of the whole board, crop it in Photoshop and then insert it as an image in my post. It would be nice if they created a point and click way to do that!

  2. Stumbled upon your blog while looking for home design ideas and Pinterest looks awesome for inspiration and organization! Have any more invites to offer?

  3. Would appreciate an invite if you still have them. Just stumbled upon your website and am enjoying it so far. Keep up the good work! Thanks!!!

  4. Came upon your blog through some other links. Love it!
    If anyone has an extra invite id appreciate one. I’m a design student and could sure use it! :)

  5. I’m crazy addicted to pinterest. I love it I have been waiting for an invite from the site. I would appreciate an invite so much :) Thanks.

  6. Hello, I found your blog whilst looking into Pinterest! It would be wonderful if you could send me an invite too?

    You’re blog is so insightful, really glad I came across it.
    Thank you!

  7. I’m so impatient in starting my pinterest quests that this is my second begging plea for someone to send me an invite in the same day! If you could do so it would make my day! Thank you in advance!

  8. Does anyone have another spare Pinterest invite? I have been waiting for an invite from the site forever and I am getting anxious. :) Thank you so much in advance!


  9. I would love an invite too. Though I must say the blogs I’ve found while searching for an invite are awesome!! Thanks so much!


  10. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and now I am very anxious to start my bulletin boards on pinterest. I have requested for an invite on the website but still have not heard anything in return, just wondering if you could send me an invite?

  11. I know you posted this a while ago but I have a feeling I’m going to love pinterest, do you think you can send me an invite? Thanks so much!

  12. Hello! It be great if someone could invite me ( as well and I will be sure to return the favor!! Many thanks and have a great day!!

  13. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for your great videos! As an OCD graphic designer, web designer and paper crafter, your sight is full of great ideas and tools. Thanks.

    My questions is about Pinterest. I’ve requested invitations at least a dozen times from various sites I like, and I’ve never received the actual invite. What am I doing wrong?
    (I’ve checked spam…. nothing is there…). I’m on a MAC… is that an issue?

    Thanks in advance. I’d really like to get going with Pinterest!

  14. Your site looks informative and fun…looking forward to searching out things here! If you could send me an invite to Pinterest, that would be fantastic. Been on the waiting list for a couple weeks now:(
    Thank you,
    kerry dodson

  15. Please give me an invite! I’ll follow you as well if youd like. :) I’ve been waiting for an invitation from the team and they still havent given one. I’m trying to get some ideas off the site for my upcoming wedding, so if you could give me an invite at your earliest convenience that would be amazing!! I think your site looks awesome and I’d love to give pinterest a try.

    Thankyou in advance!!

  16. Wondering if I could get a pinterest invite from you? Please? Thank you soooo much. (I requested one almost a week ago and haven’t gotten one yet…)

  17. Hi! I have been reading a lot about this new site and would love the opportunity to get an invite. It seems like a pretty neat tool to use for bookmarks, and browsing. If you would be ever so kind to send me an invite so I can take advantage and start browsing. I would appreciate that for sure!. Thank you.

  18. hi,

    ive been seeing a lot about the site pinterest and having been wanting to sign up for awhile now, i was wondering if you could send me an invite please! (:

  19. Hi there – I loved this post, and have been looking for a Pinterest invite for a little while (still on the waiting list…) is there any way you (or someone reading!) could send me one?


    PS – the cupcakes board is making me drool.

  20. I’d really appreciate if you could send me an invite also. i’m already addicted to the site and the waiting is torture!

    Thanks in advance :)

  21. I am absolutly in love with your board!!! I would love to comment and re pin but i havent recieved in invite. Please send an invite?:)

  22. I’ve been anxiously waiting to start pinning. If you have any invites left, could you please send me one? Thank you so much!!

  23. So excited about pinterest and heard about it months ago but never requested an invite… now I’m dying to use it but need an invite. Do you have any more to share? I would love one, please and thank you!!

  24. If you could send me a Pinterest invite, I would very appreciative~ Being on the waiting list has been months for me… Thank you.

  25. Hi there :) Not sure if the offer is still open but, if so, can you please send me an invitation? I love the site and have been waiting weeks for an invitation & nothing. :(
    Thank you for your blog (and the invite if you’re able to) [:

  26. Sorry to bug you but would you please be so kind as to send me an invite? I’ve been waiting a long time and I can’t handle the wait any longer!! :)

  27. Hi I was wondering if you would be able to send me an invite to join. I signed up a few weeks ago and I haven’t gotten anything yet, but it is bugging me so bad. I already have pages upon pages in microsoft of stuff I want to repin. please helppp!

  28. Hello,
    could I pease have an invite, I have been waiting for days and can’t wait to get started. Love the cupcakes.
    thank you :)

  29. Hi there, since you are offering! Could you please send me a Pinterest invitation also? I have been waiting for mine from the Pinterest team for a couple of weeks!

    Thanks so much!

  30. Hi, would you be able to send me a Pinterest invite as well? I have been waiting for my invite from the Pinterest team and have not gotten one. Thank You!

  31. Help just got signed up and created some boards and pinned some things. Problem…. when trying to browse under categories, it is blank and says “no pins available!?” I’d greatly appreciate your help!

  32. I just came across your blog and if you’re still sending pinterest invites I would love one! I’m addicted to it! Thank you so much!!!

  33. Hi! I’ve been waiting ages (okay, just two days–but I so want to get started pinning!) for an invitation from Pinterest. Could you please send me an invitation? I would really appreciate it!

  34. Hi Nicole! Would love to be added to your list of Pinterest Invitations to send out. Hope you can help!
    thank you so much in advance. P&R.

  35. While I’ve waited for my invitation from pinterest to go through, I found my way to your website. Would love to get started….with your help? Perhaps an invitation? Would love to start following you! Thank you!

  36. Hi! Love looking at your pinterest stuff! Could you please send me an invite to join pinterest? I have requested an invite from the site but still never receive one & I’m on it almost all day everyday! I really love it! Thank you in advance for your help!

  37. Hello there, just came by your blog looking around pinterest related stuff and I would mind waiting until after Jan 3, so could you please be so kind and send me an invite to pinterest if you still have any that is. Thanks in advance. :-)

  38. Happy Holidays… I would truly appreciate an invite to Pinterest.. I have sent several requests with no response… I love looking, drooling, and gasping at all of the unique and inspirational items. I am leaving you a plate of virtual Christmas cookies for you.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year

  39. Would love an invite for Pinterest. So excited to start using it! It would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, and Happy Holidays.

  40. Hi, I’ve been waiting for a month and still have not heard back from Pinterest about my invitation request. I even checked my spam folder. I’d be thrilled if you would send me an invite. Thanks very much and a happy new year to you!

  41. Hello, I just came across your blog while researching how to join Pinterest, I would appreciate an invite. Thank you kindly. Sarah

  42. I’ve been waiting weeks for my invitation to come.. I’d love an invite from you! It’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and Happy New Year! (:

  43. Hello, I love Pinterest and could not wait any longer. I’d appreciate if you could send an invite. Thank you so much. May

  44. Hi I would love my new obsession pinterest invite if you would send an invite…I love you your work as well! Thank you so much for your kindness.

  45. Love your website. Any chance I could get a pinterest invite so I can start pinning. I’ve already bookmarked your blog.


  46. Could you please send me an invite as well. I’d much rather bust out my happy dance instead of wait another day on their waiting list. Again, THANK YOU!!!

  47. Awesome Boards! I would love to receive an invitation, as I have been waiting on the list for several weeks. I would really appreciate it!

  48. Hi. I’m already on pinterest (addicted :-)) but don’t know who can answer this question. When you log on to pinterest, are the pins you see only from the people you follow? When I first click on pinterest to start looking, I get a whole different set of pins than I do after I log on. After logging on, I can’t find the pins on that original page I saw before logging on.

    Thanks for any light you can shed. And if you want to check out my boards, I’m just Nancy Boothe.

  49. Glad I found you on FB…looking forward to following you…can you please send me an invite to Pinterest?
    Thanks Deb

  50. Hi there! I would love to follow you on Pinterest. Can you please send me an invite so I can. Thank you! By the way, I too just recently had my third boy. Any survival tips for me?? :)

  51. I have been waiting almost a week for a invitation. I would love to get pinning! Thanks so much for all your info in your article. Have a great day!!

  52. Hi,

    I’m currently an active blogger on Tumblr but I really love the efficiency of Pinterest. Can you send me an invite, I’ve been waiting to here from pinterest for a week now. I really want to get started!

    Thank you very much and can’t wait to follow you!


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