10 Things To Do Indoors When Its 10,000 Degrees Outdoors {Giveaway}

UPDATE: The winner of this giveaway is #87, Melanie!

When you live somewhere hot like I do (southern Arizona), you don’t hibernate in the winter. You do it in the Summer. When its 100+ degrees, there really is nothing worth doing outdoors (unless you have a pool, which I don’t currently).


This is a real bummer because about the time kids are out of school and have free time on their hands, the temps are in the triple digits. And as a work-at-home mom, I need to keep the natives busy.

So every Summer we come up with a list of things to do so we don’t get board, watch too much tv, and have sibling mayhem by Week 2. Here are a few things we did this Summer to escape the heat…

  1. JumpStart Wii – JumpStart has been a part of our family since my Oldest was 6 months old. Now, 13 years later, they have entered the world of active video games with JumpStart Get Moving: Family Fitness for the Wii, released just a few weeks ago and retailing for $29.99. Teaming up with Brooke Burke, and kinesiology experts, they have successfully created games designed to get the whole family up and active. There are over 15 fun challenge games like dodgeball, football and pinball. And here’s the fun part; you can play underwater, on a farm, in Egypt or in 8 other exotic locations. The favorites in our house are the football themed games (no big surprise there…).
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  1. Wii Fit and the Balance Board – Another great activity to get the booty moving is the Wii Fit with the Balance Board. There is a lot of activities for kids, which was a little surprising to me. Some of the favorites here are Hula Hoop, Basic Running (are these my children??) and Ski Jump.
  2. Molding Clay – Who would have thought a $2.50 purchase would provide so much fun? My kids were never big play dough fans…maybe because it would dry out so fast. But molding clay will keep them playing together, nicely, for hours. Literally.
  3. Homemade Marshmallows – Mmmm, yummy. Try this recipe from Ina Garten. Its easy and fun for the kids to help. But you’ll want to share with the neighbors or use them up immediately because although these are super tasty, they don’t store very well…from my experience.
  4. Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag – Another fun and tasty activity. Be sure to rinse the bag before eating or you’ll have “Salt Ice Cream”.
  5. Banana Grams – My kids don’t have summer reading assignments and frankly, I’m totally fine with giving them a break from academia for the summer (especially since we have such a short summer with year-round school). But, they don’t realize how much their little brains are working with Banana Grams. On the recommendation of a friend, I bought this game and we had plenty of fun with it. Usually, dinner dishes was on the line, so you can imagine the competition. Other game favorites were Uno Flash and electronic Monopoly.
  6. Cheap Theater – We have a nice “cheap theater” in town that has $1.50 Tuesdays. We saw some fun, “cool” movies this summer: How to Train Your Dragon and Clash of the Titans. Waiting a few extra weeks to see them was worth the savings…and a nice escape from the heat for a few hours. Many theaters run summer specials; check out your local theaters for some real savings.
  7. Video Camera – We have an old, small Flip video camera that we have deemed the “kids’ camera”. Its always interesting to see what cinema creations they come up with. They usually involved personal diatribes, chasing of a dog, and tours of dressers and closets.
  8. Roller Skating – Its deja vu each time I visit a skating rink. Remember those days before the internet and cell phones, when you went to the skating rink with your big hair and leg warmers? Its changed a bit, but is still a lot of fun and my kids love it. (And it was a special little bonus that they had free WiFi for mommy.)
  9. Balloon Ball – When I was young, my friend and I “invented” balloon ball. Its basically volleyball with a balloon. String up a net (or string) dividing the living room basically in half and blow up a big balloon. Same rules apply, minus the broken vases and lamps.

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  1. We’ve been visiting the local pool and the kids have been doing the library reading program.

  2. We have been camping, visiting local park, a trip to the zoo, visited local pool, rented movies for movie nights, local childerns museum, horseback riding, visited nature museums and have nature walks

  3. We’ve been spending quality time at our town beach – it’s great to cool off, see friends, and run around!

  4. I don’t have kids of my own, but I spend a lot of time with my friends’ 3 yo son. We have been doing a lot of bubble-blowing (he and the dogs all love to chase the bubbles) painting (that $5 set of watercolor paints in tubes I bought a few years ago has really come in handy lately!) and PBS online games and we even made up a huge batch of homemade play dough last week.

  5. Well not much since I am in school for the summer semester, but we have been gone to the pool, put the slip-n-slide out and have done some crafts!
    Thank you for the opprotunity!

  6. We have been doing a lot of reading about WWII as the kids are really interested in the Tuskegee Airmen lately.
    Thanks for the contest

    H mcnaron at g mail dotcom

  7. I have taken the 3 kids tubing. That in itself was a chore. We have also gone camping and to a few amusement parks. Plus swimming in the back yard is a must!
    tibbsx5 at yahoo dot com

  8. luckily this summer hasnt’ been very hot here, we’ve only had about 2.5weeks of 80-90F weather out(more are supposed to come though). We’ve just colored, palyed in the blow up pool, or gone to the Kroc Center(like YMCA)

  9. Me and my boys play wii, play in the sprinkler outside, play play-doh, and bake cupcakes to stay occupied in the summer.

  10. Believe it or not, with homework! We’ve been getting those $1 books from Target and working on reading, math, etc. and my kids love it!

  11. There is a pool in our neighborhood so we have been spending alot of time at the pool. I enrolled my three kids in the summer reading program at the public library. They have done alot of reading.

  12. I’ve kept my kids busy by spending a little bit of the day with each of them. My son’s new obsession is playing card games so I’ve taught him how to play some of my favorites and my daughter love’s rockband so she sings away while I jam out on the guitar! fun fun fun!!!!

  13. We’ve been to the theatre, parks, zoo, and bowling. We have plans for the waterpark soon too.

  14. WE mostly swim in the pool though we sometimes go to Universal Studios since we live nearby and have passes.

  15. I took turns with my two older kids and they each got a week in Travel camp where they had indoor field trips every day, like the movies, or Skateland. We live in AZ too, so I know your pain! The splashpads at the community pools and parks are great too! And Wii of course :)

  16. Walking with my son to the park to watch him get his first social interaction with the other children there.

  17. Summer has been a bit cloudy and rainy around here so we did have to do a lot inside. Lots of card games and little projects!

  18. I have entertained my kids by playing outside in the water. When we are inside we are in the basement playroom because it is cool!

  19. hi from nj! we sent the kid to grandmas..in florida ,to hang out with her cousins, and do all the parks!!! she had the trip of a lifetime…and we had some downtime!

  20. Since our kids are competitive swimmers entertaining them during the summers is pretty easy – since they’re at practice most of the summer! When the season ends we usually go for daily bike rides or take long walks with our dogs.

  21. the usual, vid games, dvds, board games, and if it’s not too hot outside playing catch with a frisbee or football

  22. Water- I bought them a Slip-N-Slide. When that broke, I hooked up the sprinkler where half waters the garden and they can play in the rest. I also dug out some water guns, water balloons, and a couple of buckets.
    Chalk- They’ve gone through several boxes of sidewalk chalk.
    Bubbles- They’re on their 2nd jug.

  23. We made a Summer Family Fun List at the beginning and worked our way down making sure we checked off the things the kids really wanted to do. Jumping Play House, Beach, Bowling, Bike Riding, Chuck E Cheese and Play Dates.

  24. We made a family project working toward earning enough money between the 5 of us to buy a Wii console. It kept us busy all summer coming up with extra stuff we could get rid of while working toward a common goal. This would be a great addition to the system we finally earned this last month!

  25. We have been wanting this.
    We also live in a hot area (next door in NM) Our kids spent a lot of time in the water and hanging out in the air conditioned house.

  26. So far this summer we have gone swimming, fishing, to the beach and to the lake.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  27. We went to the movies, the park and the beach many times, we also had a family vacation to Disney last month, which was a blast, thanks!

  28. We spent a lot of time at the library with the summer reading program, and at the pool. We also had family movie day with a blanket over the windows to make it nice and dark. We did some cooking together also!

  29. I have Bananagrams and freaking love it! We watch movies and do lots of arts & crafts when it’s too hot to go out.

  30. I live in Arizona, too. We entertain our children by taking them to indoor bouncy houses, the movies, or the library.

  31. We home school year around so our schedule does not change much from season to season but we do enjoy our time outside much more in the summer!

  32. It is a miserably hot summer. Not to mention, we have been affected very badly by the current economic situation. Going to the movies or bowling just was not going to happen this summer.

    We had picnics (sometimes on the living room floor) instead of going out for lunch…We made different popsicles instead of the ice cream truck. We managed to make it through the summer without melting outside.

    Thank you so much for the entry, I am looking for more active wii games. The children seem to like guitar hero and mario kart the inactive ones to much now… Being active, this is what the will was supposed to be about.


  33. We keep busy by waking up early and taking the dog on a long walk. It’s while the sun is rising and when we get back home the sun has risen and we eat breakfast together. We also check out movies, music and books from the library.

  34. We found a friend who lives on a lakeside beach. We visited the friend frequently this past summer. We’re still friends.

  35. I am layed-off, so anything we do must be fun and free! I take my daughter to Mcdonaldland in Wheaton, they have a life sized piano and a rock climbing board too. I also take her to the water park to play at Berehn’s park on Friday’s after 4, because it is free!

  36. I’ve taken the kinder to the golf range, jogging with me, the beach, shopping. Hmmm, most of those seem to be outside. I suppose the cooking we do and the alien museum count as indoor activities!