21 Things I Learned At Blissdom…In No Particular Order

The Blissdom blogging conference has come and gone and I think I’ve spoken my quota of words for the next six months. I’m back with my (all male) peeps and in my uniform (velour pants and tee-shirt). As any good blogger would do, I offer you my recap of the little things I learned at Blissdom ’10:

1. The Opryland hotel is big. Like, …really really big.

2. Conferences can be very overwhelming if you’re an introvert. Am I the only one who feels that way??

3. Young women and moms are the fastest growing groups of entrepenuers today.

4. Women like photo bracelets. I got a lot of compliments on mine. (Want one? I’ve got a promo code! See below*)

5. White Chocolate Bliss is yummy.

6. Hotel food is rather overpriced.

7. The first time I went to a blog conference, the breakout sessions were the most helpful and informative part of the conference. The second time (and third) time I went, the one-on-one interactions were the most helpful and informative part of the conference.

8. I really want a Roomba now.

9. A laptop backpack is essential at a conference.

10. Harry Connick Jr. is a gifted performer and a gentleman.

11. Ivy is as sweet as her mother, Stephanie (and looks just like her).

12. Darcie can navigate a rental car, in the rain, at night, in a strange city like nobody’s business. Don’t let her fool you.

Photo credit: Darcie at Such the Spot

13. Pokens are cool, if you…and everybody else…remembers to bring them.

14. George Duran is really nice in person.

Photo credit: Darcie at Such the Spot

15. You should definitely use Google Analytics to track you stats.

16. I already knew this, but Michelle from Scribbit is a genuinely nice person.

17. I never take as many pictures as I tell myself I’m going to.

18. Make it very clear what your blog policies are (privacy, disclosure, advertising, comment deletion, etc), and when you’re offering advertorial content.

19. The Pleated Poppy makes the cutest posy pins (and I just bought me some…).

20. Using plugins like Link Within is effective in increasing page views and length of visit to your site.

21. Thanks to Audrey at Mom Generations, I realize my wardrobe needs a little face lift (and if she can dress all cute and feminine with 4 boys, I can do it with 3…right?).

For other Blissdom recaps, visit Musings of a Housewife (who hangin out with was one of the best parts of Blissdom!)

* Get 25% off a Snapfish photo bracelet until Feb. 13 with promo code “Blissdom10″!

I want to thank Snapfish for supporting me for Blissdom ’10. I’ve been using Snapfish for forever and am so entirely impressed with their service, customer service and business practice, and involvement in the blogging/social media community. Thank you Snapfish!


  1. AH! I’m all teary I made your list AND that you think Ivy looks like me. Oh my.

    So good to have dinner with you, wish I could have actually chatted with you MORE. I think a visit to Arizona might be in order one of these days.


  2. Great list! I learned a lot of the same things at Blissdom, but my brain is too fried to put it so eloquently.

    Sorry I didn’t get to meet you, but maybe next time?

  3. You DID learn a lot! And not only did you learn a lot, but you found an interesting way to share it. Maybe next year you should be a Blissdom speaker and share some more great tips. ;)

    Hooray on the poppy pins…those are so cute! Where did you get them?

    Oh. And PS. I bet Jeff would disagree with number 12. But what does he know anyway?

  4. Those pleated poppies were “popping up” all over the place by the end of the session and are totally adorable. Seriously? Cute!

    I love reading the things that stood out to everyone. I’m still typing up and formatting my notes from the session recaps I managed to create. Whew!

    And honestly? Three boys? Baby Blessing #4 is my third boy (or so they say) and we have not connected yet? So glad you blissdom’d this weekend. :-) I may be calling you for tips. Lol!

    Angela <

  5. Just reading over the comments here…and Steph (Adventures in Babywearing) totally has to come visit AZ! That would be all kinds of fun.

    In the meantime, I have some ideas for an AZ blogger meetup. We need to talk. :)

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