10 Ideas For Displaying Kid’s Artwork…Without Loosing Your Mind

There’s a war going on inside my brain.

Half of me loves to be surrounded with artistic expression, beautiful creations, color, texture, in every size and shape. I love putting different styles and mediums together to create something new. Some fancy things, some fun things. Some from thrift stores. Some from galleries. Some homemade, some artist-made.

The other half of me is a minimalist. I like everything in its place. I like clean drawers and closets and desks. I like straight lines and simplicity and I hate clutter. I throw away and I clean out and I organize, daily.

I’m a bit of an odd duck in that way, I guess. An artistic anal retentive.

Where the war rages heaviest is with the masterpieces my kids bring home from school. The watercolors, the stick figures, the paper mache flowers, the coloring book tear outs. 3 boys x 24 cumulative pre-school/school years = an overwhelming amount of child art.

So I’ve set out to find simple solutions that appease both of me…my artsy fartsy side and my neat nick side.

Here’s what I found. Maybe it will be helpful to you.

1. Jan Eleni Collage – This is my A #1 favorite. I LOVE this concept and am going to get my hands on this. Its a collage created from tiny images of artwork. Love!

Photo courtesy janeleni.com

2. Scrapbooking – As a scrapbooker, I’m all about preserving and telling a story. Use your kid’s artwork to enhance a school page or show development. Cut small pieces of the artwork or use as a photo matting. In 30 years, it will be so much more meaningful than any embellishment.

3. Snapfish Photo Books – You know how I love me some Snapfish. But I hadn’t thought of using photo books in this way, but its a perfect application.

4. Frames – A simple yet dramatic solution. Purchase neutral/white colored frames in varying sizes and shapes. Off center and crop art in interesting ways.

Photo courtesy Country Living Magazine

5. Greeting Cards – Here’s a thought. Share their art with grandparents, aunts, uncles. Simply create a card by adhering the artwork as the main design, cropped in an interesting way.

6. Binders – Simple. Purchase a big thick binder and clear plastic sleeves. Slip two pieces in each sleeve, facing out. For bigger pieces, crop down or fold to fit. I love Project Life binders, or these by See Jane Work…

7. Cable System – Clip it up like this:

Photo courtesy style-files.com

with these from Ikea:

8. Li’l DaVinci Art Cabinet – I think this is ingenious. Store and display from 1 to 50 pages…

9. Wrapping Paper – Remember wrapping birthday gifts with the funny papers? Add some personality and charm with the larger pieces of artwork.

10. Finally, maybe the best idea of all…pick the best to display and keep, and don’t feel guilty about tossing the rest (into the recycling, of course.)

Any ideas to share? Please, chime in!

Thank you once again to Snapfish for supporting me for Blissdom ‘10!

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  1. I ADORE the first idea. I forwarded your post to my husband hoping he will take the initiative seeing as the scanner is attached to his computer. Thanks for that post! Drowning in artwork over here and that’s just from the first kid. Soon the second one will be bringing home creations we’ll want to keep, and number three is on the way…

  2. It is cute, isnt it? Yeah, I was amazed when I counted up all the school years (obviously they overlapped) and they added up to 24! All that artwork adds up fast, doesnt it??

  3. I like idea #1 best. I have it catalogued away for future reference. :)

    You and I are very similar about our preferred work/home environments – I am a minimalist, but I also appreciate art/beauty/aesthetics (I lean more toward the minimalist though…).

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