Take A Stroll With Me – Week 3 (and a Bonus!)


I have a special little treat to add to this weeks stroll. Consider it a sale, free with purchase, or a 5 dollar bill you find on a sidewalk, sort of thing. I was looking for a vintagey (that’s a word, right?), shabby chic kind of Twitter button. And low and behold, Google as I might…I couldnt find one. So I made my own. That lead to an RSS button and then I had to round it off with an email button.

So if this look suites your design, feel free to use it. Go ahead, really. Its quite alright…

twitter-shabby-chic-thepixelboutique-small rss-shabby-chic-thepixelboutique-small email-shabby-chic-thepixelboutique-small

Now onto our little stroll. Lets go!

The Basics of Blogging

  • Twitter tips, lingo and words you might not understand!
  • A Brief Guide to Google Analytics

Every Blogger Should Know

For The Working Mother

So You Say You’re Not Artsy

You Name It

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  1. These icons are WONDERFUL and EXACTLY what I have been searching for. My blog has a bit of a girly shabby chic vibe to it, and I was having the hardest time finding cute email, rss feed, and twitter icons to match it’s theme. Thank you so much for sharing these!!!

  2. Thank you so much! I am moving my blog to WordPress and remodeling it, and these are perfect. I made up a facebook one quick to go with them….these are just perfect. Thank you!

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