WFMW: Time is Money

You know what doesn’t work for me? Wasting my time.

I hate going to the dentist and waiting an hour…after I’ve made sure to get my booty there on time.

I love doing two things at once.  Watching doing research on Food Network while working on my laptop. Making my bed while calling my sister. Walking during my son’s soccer practice.

I hate sitting in traffic.

I love crossing things off my to do list because it means I’ve been productive.

I hate telemarketing calls, junk mail and spam mail. Wasters. Of. Time.

But I love a nifty little thing called TextExpander, a customizable abbreviation Mac app.

You know when you’re blogging and you type your blog URL 13,000 times a day? It gets a little old, doesn’t it?


That’s a mouthful.

A friend told me about TextExpander and how you create shortcuts or abbreviations for those common words, phrases, heck…paragraphs you type over and over. So rather than typing:

I simply type


I pick the abbreviation, for as many things as I want and TextExpander does the rest.

I LOVE it!

TextExpander even tells you how much time you have saved using the application. In the two months I’ve been using it, I’ve typed 69,026 less characters and saved 2.88 hours. Sa-weet!

It cost $29.95 and you can download a free trial to see if its something you really want. But I can tell you right now…you want this. If your time is worth anything, you’ll pay for it in the first hour it saves you.

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  1. I hate wasting time too. It’s one of the only things that really frustrates me.

    For example, we recently took our daughter to the pediatrician for her 2-month check-up and we were there for almost two hours! But we only saw the doctor for about 5 minutes! I just about went crazy waiting there.

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