DFP for Bloggers

dfp for bloggers

You may have heard the term, DFP flitting about the blogosphere lately. If you’re like me, you might have confused it with other popular acronyms such as GPS, DPS (Department of Public Safety), FTP and GSP (German Shorthair Pointers). Well, DFP isn’t as well known as German Shorthair Pointers, and… Read More→

thredUP giveaway

have you discovered thredup? {$50 giveaway}

  This week I’ve been talking about fashion. In my closet organization post, I mentioned thredUP. It’s one of my favorite tools for keeping my closet decluttered and my clothing obsession contained (a little). I love thredUP not only for the awesome deals I find, but for the credit I… Read More→

WAHM fashion

spring fashion for the work-at-home mom

I’m sharing some thoughts on fashion this week and today its all about fashion for the work-at-home mom. …What?!?! Yes!! Working from home is a blessing I don’t take for granted. But its so easy to get laxidasical about my wardrobe and when I do, for some reason I just… Read More→

closet organization tips

9 tips for closet organization

I am a blessed girl with a stupid-big closet. Actually, I think I’m supposed to share it with the Mister because on one wall we have the large walk-in closet and on the opposite side is a decent size, but much smaller one. I’ve been informed that in the midwest… Read More→


sandisk connect wireless flash drive review

I don’t do a lot of product reviews, mainly because of the time involved in creating a good and helpful review. I’m usually busy with client sites, creating printables and graphics, and just keeping my head above water in general. But every now and then I come across a product… Read More→

content is king but design is queen graphic

quotables: content is king but design is queen

Ready for another “quotable”? Here’s one near and dear to my heart. Yes, content is king…but design is queen (especially in the world of blogging). And I’m not at all biased. Feel free to share via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or download the 5×7 printable PDF (link below). Enjoy! Content is… Read More→